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XL Hybrids' HEV Powertrain Now Available in Canada

This week, we announced that Canadian Linen, a subsidiary of AmeriPride, Promoting Massachusetts Clean Energy in Canadahas been running our hybrid electric powertrain technology on some of their Chevy Express 2500 vans in Toronto since August. In fact, we were invited to showcase the hybrid vans with the Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Envionmental Affairs Rick Sullivan on MA Governor Patrick's recent trade mission to Canada.

Productivity Is Key

Fleet ProductivityGE Capital Fleet Services recently released the results of its annual fleet manager survey and forty-four percent of fleet managers cited maximizing productivity as the top concern. Its no surprise to those in the trenches because we're all asked to do more with less and because vehicle downtime causes the biggest headaches. However, considering a holistic view of productivity when evaluating new vehicle models and options is key.


Today’s Baby Steps in MPG Mean Giant Savings for Commercial Fleets

MPG-baby-stepsFar too much attention is paid to extreme MPG goals. By focusing on incremental improvements to the lowest MPG vehicles, such as those operated by commercial fleets, we can achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and save money.

Five Ways To Make Your Fleet Greener For Less

5 Steps To Green Your Fleet.jpgGreening a fleet is becoming an economic pursuit. Fuel costs are rising, emissions regulations are tightening, and containing total cost of ownership (TCO) is becoming increasingly complex.  Alternative vehicle technologies let fleet owners maximize their financial resources, while reducing exposure to volatile fuel prices. Businesses can get this done cost-effectively by taking a hard look at the newest technologies on the market, which are now being tested and could soon rival more mainstream – and more expensive -- options.

Reducing Fuel Use Creates Strategic Cost Advantages Versus Competitors

rising-oil-prices.jpgMcKinsey & Company, the top-tier strategy consulting firm, recently released a study on the likelihood and potential impact of another oil price spike.  While no one can predict the future price of oil, the study raises important points to consider for executives with oversight of or direct management of fleet transportation.

What Makes XL Hybrids Unique?


When we started XL Hybrids, we wondered why hybrid vehicle technology had not yet been adopted by commercial fleets at any significant scale. Businesses use a lot of fuel and would seem to benefit greatly from HEV technology, but yet, there were relatively few actually deployed in fleets.

XL Hybrids - Hybrid Technology For Commercial Fleets

XL Hybrids - Different Breed of Automotive StartupFounded by MIT alumni, XL Hybrids is a different breed of automotive startup company offering new alternatives for commercial fleets to save money by reducing their fuel bills.