January 03, 2018

Verizon Deploys 234 Chevy Express Vans with XL Hybrids Technology to Increase Fuel Economy and Reduce CO2 Emissions

Verizon has replaced 234 gas-powered vans in its New York City fleet with new vans featuring XL Hybrids technology. The new Chevy Express 2500 vans feature the XL3 hybrid-electric system, which saves fuel through regenerative braking, and the XL Link cloud-based big data analytics system, which reports fuel economy performance and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

The new fleet is Verizon’s largest hybrid-electric commitment to date and will contribute to the company achieving its corporate goal of reducing CO2 emissions. The 234 hybrid-electric van order represents Verizon’s third deployment of XL Hybrids technology since 2015, and brings Verizon’s total number of hybrid-electric vans on the road to nearly 300. Verizon has accumulated over 1.5 million road miles with XL Hybrids.

XL Hybrids’ XL3 hybrid-electric system helps slow the vehicle when the driver brakes, charging the battery. When the driver accelerates, the battery releases the energy to the electric motor, helping propel the vehicle. XL3 hybrid-electric technology leaves the Chevy engine, transmission, fuel system and exhaust system, as well as the complete Chevy warranty, intact. The result can be a 25 percent improvement in miles driven per gallon. Meanwhile, the XL Link cloud-based wireless analytics system reports KPI data related to idling, carbon dioxide emissions, vehicle duty cycling and vehicle uptime.

"Given the size of our company and the number of people we connect across the globe, Verizon has a unique opportunity and responsibility to have a positive impact on the environment," said James Gowen, chief sustainability officer for Verizon. "We've deployed more than 24 megawatts of green energy capacity in the last five years with plans to deploy 24 more by 2025. And with the addition of these hybrid vehicles, our fleet is as efficient as ever as we continue to use less fuel year after year."

Verizon purchased the new vans through the New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program, which provides point-of-sale rebates to reduce the cost for businesses and municipalities that want to purchase new clean vehicles or retrofit commercial vehicles and buses into hybrids, natural gas vehicles or zero-emission vehicles.

“The busy stop-and-go traffic in major cities presents an opportunity for companies like Verizon to meet their sustainability goals for their large fleets, while also capturing quick, positive payback with XL Hybrids’ technology,” said Clay Siegert, co-founder and chief operating officer of XL Hybrids. “XL Hybrids has many repeat customers like Verizon because our hybrid-electric technology installs on Chevy vans in about six hours, is seamless to fleet operations in the field, and provides significant fuel economy improvements.”


About Verizon

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ), headquartered in New York City, has a diverse workforce of 160,100 and generated nearly $126 billion in 2016 revenues. Verizon operates America’s most reliable wireless network and the nation’s premier all-fiber network, and delivers integrated solutions to businesses worldwide. Its Oath subsidiary reaches about one billion people around the world with a dynamic house of media and technology brands

About XL Hybrids

XL Hybrids is the leader in connected fleet electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, relied on by customers such as The Coca-Cola Company, Yale University and the City of Boston. With the revolutionarily simple XL3® Hybrid Electric Drive System and the XLP™ Plug-In Hybrid Electric Drive System, Class 2 to 6 commercial fleet customers can increase their fleets’ fuel economy by around 25 percent and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, decreasing operating costs and meeting sustainability goals with zero impact on fleet operations or service. XL Hybrids works with Ford, General Motors, Isuzu and other major OEMs on the proven path to scaling thousands of commercial trucks, vans and shuttles. Founded by MIT alumni and funded by Constellation Technology Ventures, IKEA Group and private investors, XL Hybrids is based in Boston. For more information, visit or on Twitter @XLHybrids.