The Simple Hybrid Solution

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Ford Transit


Cargo Vans &
Passenger Wagons


Shuttle Buses

  • MY 2015 and MY 2016
  • All Transit wheel bases and roof heights
  • 3.7 liter and 3.5 liter EcoBoost® gasoline engines
  • Chevy Express 2500/3500
  • GMC Savana 2500/3500
  • Ford E-150/E-250/E-350
  • Ford E-350 Cutaway
  • Ford E-450 Cutaway
  • Ford E-450 Strip Chassis
  • Coming September, 2015 – GM 3500/4500 Cutaway
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Box Trucks


Reach Walk-In
Commercial Van


Commercial Stripped Chassis

  • Ford E-350 Cutaway
  • Ford E-450 Cutaway
  • Ford E-450 Strip Chassis
  • From Isuzu and Utilimaster
  • 2,500 payload capacity with XL3 system
  • F59 Super Duty
  • 6.8L EFI Triton® V-10 engine
  • Ideal chassis for walk in van fleets
Download Specs   Download Specs   Download Specs


XL Hybrids has pioneered a hybrid electric powertrain that is revolutionary in its simplicity.

Our powertrain technology is charge sustaining, which eliminates the need for plugs, return-to-base fueling, and added operating and maintenance costs. Our hybrid system saves fuel through regenerative braking, a process by which the electric motor helps slow the vehicle when the driver brakes, charging the battery. When the driver accelerates, the battery releases the energy to the electric motor, helping propel the vehicle.

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Big Savings

On fuel – delivers a 25% increase in miles driven-per gallon*, so drivers can go longer between fill-ups.
On emissions – helps your fleet go green and meet sustainability goals by reducing CO2 emissions.
On price – the XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System is the lowest-priced, highest quality hybrid electric solution available today.

Superior Driveability

Vehicles equipped with the XL3 hybrid system drive just like the other units in your fleet – no driver training needed. There’s minimal impact on your maintenance schedule and fleet operations.

Positive Payback

Fleets get an attractive payback even without government incentives. Plus, you’ll see immediate monthly savings on fuel costs.

New - Financing Options

Save money from Month 1 with our new, long-term financing options. Rates are as low as 5.85% *, and you can get started with an easy, 1-page application.. Finance the XL3 hybrid system only, the cost of a new vehicle with the XL3 system, or an already in-use vehicle that been retrofitted.

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* Subject to changes based on the Treasury rates.  Actual rates may vary depending on customer credit.