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XL Hybrids, innovator of the hybrid electric power technology, gives commercial van, delivery, and shuttle fleets a simple solution for lowering operating costs and and meeting sustainability goals. The revolutionary XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing OEM engine and transmission to provide outstanding torque and superior vehicle efficiency for urban and suburban routes. The hybrid electric motor provides additional torque allowing you to downsize to a smaller engine, without sacrificing drivability or performance. Start saving money, reducing emissions and cutting our dependence on foreign oil without being tethered to a plug or an inconvenient, expensive alternative fueling station.

We partner with leading commercial vehicle upfitters to offer ship-thru installation options: Knapheide Manufacturing Company, Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products, National Fleet Services, Farmbro, and Adrian Steel.

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Brake. Charge. Go Further.

  • Regenerative braking process saves on fuel.
  • Charge sustaining powertrain eliminates return-to-base fueling.
  • Provides a 25% increase in miles driven per-gallon.*

Fast Return on Investment

  • Reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent in urban driving^.
  • Financing and fleet leasing available with little money down, so fleets see instant value.
  • A van driving 25,000 miles per year could see approximately $2,000 in annual fuel savings.
  • See additional savings of approximately $1,000 up-front by downsizing to the smallest V8 engine.

No Impact to Your Operations

  • Fast conversion - Installation takes place in about four to six hours per vehicle, with minimal modification.
  • Same reliability and durability as a regular vehicle. Use your existing spare parts and expertise.
  • Warranty and service support offered by XL Hybrids and select service providers.
  • Diagnostics and service training available for your technicians.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Fuel savings now.
  • Increased residual value.
  • Up to 50 percent reduction in brake maintenance.
  • Same reliability and durability that you expect from your Chevy or Ford van.

Meet Future Sustainability Goals, Today

  • Your customers are interested in sustainability - differentiate your company from the pack.
  • Optional telematics system can track and report exact fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


^ EPA City estimate - actual results may vary

* XL Hybrids places a speed governor on the vehicle at 70MPH. Can also be customized to speeds lower than 70MPH.